Affordable IDX, Your Way

Introducing our IDX platform--starting at only $49.95 per month. all of the high end features of a custom IDX & cost effective enough for even the most budget-taxed Realtor.


For those of you not familiar with rewIDX - it is the division of Real Estate Webmasters that handles our "product" IDX platform.

This is our exciting search utility, for only $25 per month. This application has all the high-end features of any custom IDX, but will be cost effective for even the most budget-taxed Realtor®.

Check out our more detailed product tour.


  • REW 2.0 style design - Everyone knows REW "holds the belt" when it comes to high end web application design in the real estate industry. The new REW IDX reflects today's progressive design standards.
  • Classic view is joined by thumbnail view.


  • Low costs - Just $25 a month for completely functional IDX technology.
  • No usage fees - It doesn't matter if you have 50 visitors on the platform or 50,000 - your fees do not increase with usage.
  • Lead management included - REW 4.2 lead management system included